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Schedule of Events

Saturday, February 3                 Open 5D Barrel Race                    8:00 pm               Expo Center
                                                  (Exhibitions 5:30 pm)

Thursday, February 8                Mini Rodeo                                   10:00 am              Expo Center
                                                  By Invitation Only
                                                  Rodeo Slack  - TD, SW, TR            5:30 pm               Expo Center
Friday, February 9                    Rodeo Slack – GBR                        9:30 am               Expo Center

                                                 PRCA Rodeo                                   7:30 pm               Expo Center
                                                “Military Night”
Saturday, February 10             Youth Livestock Auction                 Noon                   Expo Center
                                                 PRCA Rodeo                                 7:30 pm               Expo Center
Rodeo Slack
GBR – Girls Barrel Racing
TD  -  Tie Down Calf Roping
SW  -  Steer Wrestling
TR  -  Team Roping
BR  -  Bull Riding